Neutrix / dry sander

The portable and very easy-to-use dry sander

Neutrix is our portable and most user-friendly dry grinder for wolfram electrodes, which has the following properties:

  • Integrated dust collector for collecting dangerous dust for subsequent hazardous landfill
  • Grinding in three tracks for better utilisation of the grinding disc
  • Easy to use, combined length adjustment and locking device
  • Grinding down to electrode lengths of 8 mm

Product data
Electrodes: Ø1 – 4 mm (Ø5.6 – 8 mm as an option)
Min. length: 8 mm

Technical data
Motor: 110V – 50/60 Hz, 220V – 50/60 Hz
Motor power: 650 watts
RPM: 23000/min
Grinding speed: 28-50 m/s

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