Purge Gas

Welding in precious metals

When welding in precious metals, it is essential that the welding is done in an inert environment. This is to protect the used material’s properties and to avoid unevenness and corrosion when welding items like pipes and piping parts.

Normally this will be done by filling the pipe with gas, which results in a very large gas consumption. To save the costly gas, the welding site on both sides of the weld is closed with a gas purging system. This ensures a significant saving on gas and the time used for the filling is minimised.

This is ensured by an integrated gas supply. This is done by the help of gas purging systems, which are crucial for obtaining the highest welding quality.

Our gas purging system is called Fast Purge® Multi-size. The system is inflatable, heat resistant and up to 250 degrees, very light and foldable.

Fast Purge® Multi-size is manufactured in Great Britain.

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