Importer and distributor of quality products for pickling

As an importer and distributor of quality products for pickling from the Italian Nitty Gritty, we cover all possible needs for cleaning and pickling operations. From the very small – to huge stainless steel constructions in mass production.

Furthermore, we are the only company in Scandinavia who can also deliver Pick & Clean, a revolutionary pickling system, where the pickling is contained in a ”tape”.

The pickling is done by placing the tape over the weld for about 15 minutes, when it is then removed with a wet wipe containing neutralization liquid. The actual weld is then dried with the same wipe and the pickling is complete.

As the active pickling fluid is not as aggressive as traditional pickling paste, it does not require protective clothing and fresh air equipment during use. This saves valuable time, just as subsequent cleaning is not necessary. This significantly minimises ”the disturbance” in the production.

We have two machines for pickling. Both with inverter technology that enables cleaning of welds on stainless steel materials without making any changes to the surface, which minimises post-treatment and thus saves precious time. This cleaning can be conducted on both matt and polished surfaces.

Tig. Clinox Eco, which is a simple pickling machine, with patented integrated pump system for cleaning fluid.

Tig Clinox Pro, which is a large pickling machine for larger tasks, which might entail mass production. Tig. Clinox Pro is also equipped with patented, built-in exhaust to remove the fumes that occur during the cleaning as well as an electrical dosable pressured pump system for the cleaning fluid.

Both machines come supplied with liquids and pads ready for operation. Equipment is also available for both machines that enables both dark and light marking of stainless steel items.

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