Welcome at AP Tignology ApS

Baggas, wet sanding, dry sanding and tungsten sanding as well as surface treatment

We take pride in our environment friendly grinding machine for tungsten electrodes, TIP-TRIMMER.

We also negotiate a large number of products, mainly for machining stainless steel, including:

  • Tungsten grinders
  • Weld cleaning machines/products
  • Purge gas equipment
  • Abrasive Discs

Our products

We sell a wide range of products to the welding industry. Grinding machines for shortening and grinding tungsten electrodes, pick-up solutions, surface treatment and back gas systems.

We have developed TIP TRIMMER for optimal grinding and cutting of all kinds of wolfram electrodes for TIG and plasma welding.

AP Tignology ApS has a strong and hand-picked network of the largest retailers in Denmark, who can provide end customers
with the right sparring, advice and guidance about our products.