About the company

Founded in 2010

AP TIGNOLOGY was founded in 2005 by Jens Andersen and Jan Pagaard, who both have many years’ experience in the welding and metal industry.

Vores ambition er at være blandt Europas bedste leverandører af specielprodukter og hjælpemidler til TIG-branchen.

Således er vores speciale udvikling og produktion af miljørigtige, danske slibemaskiner til wolframelektroder for såvel TIG- som plasmasvejsning.

Vores mål er at udvikle slibemaskiner der beskytter miljø samt operatør.

We also sell gas purging equipment and quality products for pickling of stainless steel welds.

In addition to having a strong, carefully selected dealer network in Denmark, we are also represented in the rest of the world by a large number of dealers.

We are based in Hadsund in North Jutland, where the sales, administration, development and production all take place at Smedevænget 8 in the town’s industrial area.

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